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Mind Body Health Solutions

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Mind Body Health Solutions

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Mind Body Health Solutions

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Welcome to Health and Wellbeing with MBH Training

MBH Training creates unique online health programmes powered by innovative solutions that help you take control of your emotional and physical pain, to support natural recovery reducing the need for prescribed medication.

Founded by innovator, author and social scientist, Sophia Kupse MSc, MBH Training combines years of research, evidence and a holistic approach to wellbeing and care.

Sophia’s mission with MBH Training is to care for people as well as the planet.

Kickstart the month with the right mindset for good health and wellbeing. 

My monthly online, virtual clinics are your opportunity to speak to an expert – with no long waiting lists and no barriers. Within this 60 minute drop in session, you can ask me questions about your health, or you can just listen. It could be that your concerns have been there for a while, and you need confidence and reassurance to reach. That’s absolutely fine, as my virtual clinics are a safe space. You could be looking to ask questions on behalf of a friend, or a loved one, so I can guide you through offering the right support for them, helping them to get the help that they need. 

My research concludes how pain reduces your quality of life and leads to low mood, fatigue and poor energy. But, when you take the right road mentally, you feel in control and can reduce or even resolve your pain.

Join me for Mindset Monday – The Virtual Wellbeing Clinic. A Q&A on Health and Wellbeing in a virtual clinic – at absolutely no cost. These events will always be FREE.

Revolutionising Sustainable Healthcare

Sustainable healthcare is the only option to secure our future, and the future of our planet. The more that people shift to using less harmful medication to heal, the greater impact it will have on the planet.

MBH Training is now one of the leading pioneers in the UK supporting sustainable healthcare.

Through MBH Training’s online programmes, people can find a natural solution to recover from their pain and make greener choices by applying our innovative, evidence based map. The map helps people to take control of their pain quickly and effectively reducing or avoiding the need for prescribed medication, which is one of the leading contributors to increasing gas emissions. MBH Training supports NHS targets around a greener healthcare system to protect patients and the planet.

Which Solution Is Best For You?

MBH Training offer a range of holistic online programmes to improve the relationship between your body and your mind and empower you to take control of your recovery.

By opting for one of our evidence-based online programmes, you will be taking the first step to living a longer, healthier life.

The Pain Management
Express Solutions Programme


+ Quickly identify your pain

+ Treat acute and chronic pain fast

+ Learn evidence-based solutions

+ Pain tracker to measure your pain improving

+ Identify when to seek medical advice


    ONLY £47.00

    The Mind Body Connection Map
    Pain Prevention and
    Recovery Programme


    + Award-winning innovation – The Mind Body Connection Map.

    + Connect your pain to people, places, and events

    + Fast, effective natural solutions for rapid recovery

    + Mindset tools that shift your internal thoughts

    + Pain tracker to measure your pain improving

      ONLY £97.00

      The ERASE
      Pain Programme


      + Both programmes – The Pain Management Express Solutions and The Mind Body Connection Map.


      + All 5 ERASE Pain Programme modules

      + How to connect and work with your inner child.

      + Tools to create your Personalised Pain Prevention Plan

      + Help to live longer and healthier

        ONLY £247.00

        Book a consultation with Sophia

        Looking for a more personalised prescription to support your recovery?

        You can arrange a free, 30 minute consultation with Sophia to discuss the right approach for you. 

        Sophia’s approach is holistic, and she takes the time to understand your biggest challenges and pain points. After spending over 3 decades in this area, her knowledge is vast. So we’re confident that this can be the best approach for many people. It could be that you need some guidance on the best online programme to aid your recovery, or you want to continue a more personal approach. Get started by clicking on the link below. 

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